Top 3 Subaru Vehicles for New Dog Owners

Bulldog in Trunk

It’s not a road trip without man’s best friend, so skip the kennel and bring your dog along. They’ll have a blast, and you’ll make tons of great memories while also filling up your Instagram page with epic pictures (your followers love dogs, I promise). Here are Subaru’s best 3 vehicles for dogs and their owners.

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Alabama Child Car Seat Laws By Age, Weight & Height

Car Seat

In 1975, prior to the enactment of federal and Alabama child safety seat laws, nearly 1,400 children died in motor vehicle crashes and child restraint use was an abysmal 29% during that time.

It took 25 years to see noticeable drops in annual car-accident-related child fatalities. The reason? By 2000, car seat laws got stricter, pressuring parents to place their kids in the back seat. Now, fewer than 700 child deaths occur each year and an estimated 65% of children are restrained properly.

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Tips for Returning Your Leased Vehicle

After a glorious 3 years, your leased vehicle is ready to find its new home! It’s a bittersweet end to an era, but such is life. To help you get through the lease return process without being dinged by extra fees, we’ve compiled some tips and answers to commonly asked questions below.


Should I schedule an inspection before I return my leased vehicle?

It’s not necessary to have your vehicle inspected prior to returning it—but it’s highly recommended.

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