10 Tips to Host the Best New Year’s Eve Party

It’s that time of year again: Time to celebrate all your annual accomplishments and welcome new resolutions. And what do you know—you’ve been picked as your group’s host for this year’s holiday festivities! But how do you host a good New Year’s Eve party? Take a gander at these 10 unique party-hosting tips to ensure 2020 doesn’t start with a dud.

1. Coffee Finds

Most people think of chilled beverages to go with the biggest night of the year, and depending on your audience, you’ll want to have some on hand. But don’t forget you’ll need to make it to midnight to really get the celebration going. Pick up some specialty coffees to help guests stay awake and upbeat while celebrating all the successes from the year. The more adventurous among you might even mix cream liqueur into some coffee for a warm-up treat.

Just be sure to stay safe. Make sure your revelers have a designated driver, or order them a rideshare!

2. Delicious Competition

As a host, you have plenty of tasks on you already, so invite your guests to chip in and bring a special dish for everyone to enjoy. You can make it a contest and crown the winner of the annual New Year’s champion of deliciousness! It’ll make it fun for everyone while giving you a little bit of a break. Plus, you’ll save money by splitting up the cost between you and your guests.  

3. Hashtag Photo Album

Create your own hashtag and let everyone know what it is so they’ll fill the tags with memories of your night. You’ll be able to easily get access to all the fun and pick out the best pictures to save without having to text everyone the next day asking for them to send you the pictures they took.

4. Get Crafty with Vision Boards

Making vision boards is a great way to celebrate! Everyone loves the idea of setting resolutions and goals for the new year, but you can get crafty and encourage your friends to really pursue those goals by embracing the vision board fun. 

5. A Calm Night of Movies

Pick out the best movies of the year and settle in for a homemade movie marathon filled with popcorn and other snacks. It’s a great way to relax your way into the new year and avoid staying up too late.

6. Pre-Decorate

Start decorating a week in advance rather than the last minute. You can save time on stress while also pumping yourself up for the big event. If you have a theme, you can even get creative with it and dress to the occasion each day. Invite your friends to join in on the fun and send each other daily pics showcasing your festive looks.

7. Balloon Countdown

Host your own countdown! Fill balloons with confetti and decorate them. Have everyone pop their balloon at the designated time and cheer as confetti rains down on all of you.

8. Frozen Fruit 

Freeze your fruit for drinks rather than using ice. It’ll give everyone a tasty way to enjoy their drinks while ensuring you don’t run out of ice cubes or overwork your freezer.

9. Master Your Playlist

Crafting the best playlist is a must with any event. Apple iTunes and Spotify both offer end of the year playlists. You can create your own by sampling styles from each genre to give guests a variety of songs to dance the night away to. You can also delegate and have somebody else create the playlist, or have everyone send you their favorite song of the year. Take all the songs and compile them into one giant playlist. When their song comes on they’ll be so excited hearing it and feel super included in the big night. 

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10. Holiday Light Show

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