9 Essential Car Accessories & Travel Solutions for Dog Owners

Did you know that June 21, 2019, is National Take Your Dog To Work Day? If your boss is cool, she’ll have signed off on this fantastic little holiday already. As you prepare to have a highly productive Friday in the office, surrounded by canines large and small, now’s the time to get all your ducks in a row, so to speak. Here are some travel solutions and dog-friendly car accessories you should absolutely invest in.

1. Dog Barrier/Separator

Traveling with your dog can be a blast – until he attempts to sit on your lap. He may just want to cuddle, but there’s a time and place for that, and it’s not when you’re merging onto I-65 from University Blvd. A dog barrier or separator helps keep Fido away from the front seat and out of harm’s way.

Many Subaru vehicles, including the Legacy, Forester, and Outback, can be equipped with a made-to-fit dog compartment separator. If you need to buy a Subaru dog barrier in Birmingham, you can order one through us.

High-End Recommendation: Subaru Dog Guard ($ varies)

Budget Recommendation: High Road Wag’nRide ($40)

2. Back Seat Dog Hammock

Back-seat hammocks for dogs are incredibly versatile car accessories. Not only are they seat protectors, but they can also act as organizers, barriers, and beds. If there’s one do-everything car accessory to get for your pooch, it should probably be a rear hammock.

High-End Recommendation: Kurgo Coast To Coast Hammock ($100)

Budget Recommendation: GORILLA GRIP Seat Protector Hammock ($20)

3. Pet Travel Organizer Bag

Even when you’re miles away from home, a configurable dog travel bag ensures your pup always has access to his favorite treats, chew toys, and food. Now, if he could only figure out how to operate a zipper….

High-End Recommendation: Overland Dog Gear Day Away Tote Bag ($35)

Budget Recommendation: Cruising Companion Car Seat Organizer ($20)

4. Travel Dog Bed

Don’t deny Spot comfort on your next trip. Instead, give him a home away from home by creating a cozy setup in the back. Buying a car bed for your dog is fun, too, like venturing into a Dr. Seuss book; there are car beds for big dogs, car beds for small dogs, for hairy dogs and bald dogs. Car beds for poodles, mutts, labs, and hounds – there are car beds for dogs of all pounds!

Car beds for large dogs

High-End Recommendation: Backseat Barker for SUVs ($200)

Budget Recommendation: Kurgo Loft Wander Dog Bed ($65)

5. Dog Car Harness or Seat Belt

Allowing your pup to travel unrestrained is not just dangerous; it’s plain dumb. A car crash can happen in the snap of Thanos’s fingers, which would be a disaster for your pet. Keep them safe with a quality car harness or dog seat belt, just as you would for yourself. Click here for more advice on safely securing your dog in the car with a harness.

High-End Recommendation: Sleepypod Clickit Sport Harness ($70)

Budget Recommendation: Kurgo Auto Zip Line ($25)

6. Pet Ramp or Stairs

Getting in and out of a vehicle is easy for us humans, but that’s not always the case for the canine species. Whether you’re best friends with a burly fur-monster, teensy-tiny mutt, or elderly pooch, a pet ramp will make loading and unloading easier – and so much safer! If you own a Subaru Ascent, large truck, or full-size SUV, we suggest investing in the safest dog ramp money can buy.

High-End Recommendation: Pet Loader MAX ($300)

Budget Recommendation: Pet Gear Tri-Fold Pet Ramp ($70)

7. Car Door Protectors

Dogs love looking out the car window, but that also means you need to protect your doors from claws, muddy paws, and buckets of drool. With a removable and washable car door protector, you won’t have to worry about scratches or stains. (You’ll still have to wash your windows, but at least Windex is cheap.)

High-End Recommendation: PupProtector Car Door Guard ($70)

Budget Recommendation: K&H Vehicle Door Protector ($40)

8. Travel Water Bowl

Carry your dog’s water dish anywhere with a portable, foldable bowl that fits in your bag or even a pocket. A collapsible travel water bowl takes up little space and keeps your pup well-hydrated and full of slobber.

High-End Recommendation: Ruffwear Quencher ($15)

Budget Recommendation: Outward Hound Port A Bowl ($7)

9. Dog Car Seat Covers

Don’t leave your upholstery in the hands of Lady Luck. A high-grade car cover will protect against your dog’s scratches, tears, bites, and accidental puddles. 

High-End Recommendation: Subaru Seat Covers ($ varies)

Budget Recommendation: An old, dirty blanket

Need help choosing the right dog barrier, seat protector, or another type of Subaru accessory for those summertime trips with your four-legged pal? Come to Jim Burke Subaru of Birmingham! We can order your OEM Subaru accessories, have them installed, and set you and your pooch up for an adventure – or just a trip to the office. Contact our Birmingham Subaru Parts store at (205) 588-6281 to speak with our sales team today.

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