Sensible Valentine’s Gift Ideas For Car Enthusiasts

Don’t just settle for a typical bouquet of flowers or skinny necktie as a Valentine’s Day present. Put some thought into it! To nudge you in the right direction, here’s our Jim Burke Subaru-approved list of the 10 best Valentine gifts to give the pragmatic car enthusiast in your life.  

SiriusXM® Radio  

If your dude or dudette isn’t lucky enough to have a new Subaru with SiriusXM, now’s your chance to knock their socks off. With an All Access monthly streaming package, your loved one can listen to over 150 commercial-free stations. (That includes tunes, news, sports, comedy shows, Howard Stern, and more, in case you were wondering.) Monthly subscription prices range from $10 to $20. Visit for package details. 

Remote Start Engine System  

Birmingham can get mighty chilly in February. To battle the morning frost, your giftee could really use a remote starter. Before February 14 comes, be sure to contact a car service center near you for advice. If your beau has a Subaru, visit our Subaru dealership to order a remote start system and have it installed just in time for Valentine’s Day.  

LifeHammer Emergency Tool  

Dangerous situations oftentimes come without warning. In those times, an emergency tool like LifeHammer becomes indispensable. If you’re ever stuck in a submerging or jammed vehicle, LifeHammer can help cut off seatbelts, un-stick doors, and shatter windows, allowing passengers to escape. At Jim Burke Subaru, we feel that every vehicle should be equipped with this lifesaving tool—which can be purchased as a pair for about $25

GentScents Air Fresheners  

For $8 per month, your car guy can bask in a cabin that smells of sandalwood, cedar, or any number of other manly scents. GentScents will ship your valentine a box of uniquely wooden air fresheners to freshen up even the dingiest of cars. View subscriptions and Valentine gift options on the GentScents website

Jump Starter  

Sure, your valentine probably has jumper cables in the trunk, but what about a power station? If they’re frequently on the long and lonely road, a portable jump starter system is vital. There’s no telling when they’ll be left in a lurch without help. Review product specs on to pick the correct jump starter. 

Car Dehumidifier  

As an Alabaman, you know foggy car windows can be quite the nuisance, especially in the summer. A car dehumidifier works wonders to make your cabin fog-free. The innovative calcium-chloride pillow design is where the magic comes from, and we never question magic. (If it works, it works!) Expect to spend north of $10 for one of these PINGI dehumidifiers

All-Weather Floor Mats 

While they may seem unromantic, all-weather floor mats are anything but. As a gift, they say, “I love you more than mud loves poly-backed, molded car carpet.” Okay, that’s a bit of a stretch; but for car enthusiasts, they’ll know exactly what you mean. Order a set of Subaru floor mats from our Birmingham Subaru parts department, or simply design a personalized pair at an online shop like Zazzle

Cordless Tire Inflator  

In winter, temperatures dip—which also means tire pressure will drop, causing TPMS dash lights to glow ominously. If this sounds like a common problem for your girlfriend or boyfriend, consider giving them a cordless car tire inflator as a Valentine’s Day gift. Easy and cheap fix! 

Headlight Restoration Kit  

If your valentine is sporting an old car with gnarly or lackluster headlights, a basic Meguiar’s® Headlight Restoration Kit should be on your gift list. A simple sanding and polishing will renew even the dingiest of headlights. For $15, you can’t beat that! 

A New Subaru Is The Best Valentine’s Gift Of All! 

Sensible car accessories make for great gifts, but what if your guy or gal needs a bit more va-va-voom this Valentine’s Day? The answer: A new car, of course! Browse the selection of new vehicles at our Subaru dealership near Hoover, or contact us at (205) 588-6281 to discuss financing or leasing a 2019 Subaru for your valentine. Hurry in before February 14!