How To Get A Subaru Technology Degree (Yes, It Exists!)

How To Get A Subaru Technology Degree_Yes, It Exists

Some 2,500 miles away from our Birmingham Subaru dealership, students at Gresham, Oregon’s Mt. Hood Community College are embracing the country’s first-ever Subaru Automotive Technology program. It’s true—the two-year, associate of applied science (AS) coursework will provide prospective auto techs certified, hands-on training in all things Subaru. Better yet, students seeking this Subaru U-backed degree will be provided paid internships and full-time, post-graduation jobs at Subaru repair shops and dealerships.

Sound like a career path you’d be interested in strolling down? Getting started is easy: ship out your application to MHCC! But before applying for admission, get to know the unique technology that makes Subaru one of the finest auto brands in the world.

BOXER® Engine

This horizontally designed, low-profile engine is the perfect balance between beautiful and powerful—making it the heart and soul of all new Subaru models. The SUBARU BOXER is positioned in-line with the drivetrain, allowing for maximum power transference. Due to its unique anti-transverse layout and lower center of gravity, the BOXER can more efficiently operate without utilizing additional drivetrain components.

A total of five (5) SUBARU BOXER engine options are available across the Subaru lineup:

  • 152-, 200-, and 205-horsepower 2.0L 4-cylinders (BRZ, Impreza, and Crosstrek)
  • 175- and 182-horsepower 2.5L engines with greater displacement (Legacy 2.5i, Outback 2.5i, and Forester)
  • 0L DIT engines provide strong low-end response and impressive MPGs (WRK)
  • 305-horsepower 2.5L Turbo is the most powerful BOXER, providing a broad torque curve unlike any other (WRX STI)
  • 6L 6-cylinder DAVCS engines are the largest—and most refined—BOXER engine (Legacy 3.6R and Outback 3.6R)

We invite you to come test out each BOXER power plant at our Subaru dealership in Birmingham.

Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive

Stable, efficient, and quicker to respond to inclement weather, Subaru’s Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive system is mounted along the spine of the chassis, allowing for ideal weight distribution on both sides. Because of this innovative design, a seamless transfer of power to all four wheels is provided, which is a stark comparison to other AWD systems that need complex drivetrain equipment to do the same.

Apart from the BRZ, all Subaru models come standard with Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive.

Lineartronic® CVT

Unlike other automatic transmissions, the Lineartronic CVT adjusts itself automatically to match your acceleration, eliminating shifting chugs and preserving momentum for the long road ahead. Paddle shifters mounted on the steering wheel can be utilized when clicked into 6- or 8-Speed Manual Mode, allowing you to enjoy a sportier driving experience with the SUBARU BOXER and active torque vectoring.

Lineartronic CVTs are available on many new Subaru models, including the popular 2019 Crosstrek, Legacy, and Outback.

EyeSight Driver Assist Technology

EyeSight® Driver Assist Technology

The core of EyeSight is its intelligently placed camera that scans the road for impending dangers. Not only does EyeSight provide you with an extra set of peepers, but it also gives you an additional braking foot. All new Subaru models equipped with EyeSight received the highest IIHS front crash-prevention scores. In practice, EyeSight has even been found to reduce rear-end crashes by up to 85%.

Included in EyeSight are the following features:

  • Adaptive Cruise Control – Keep a set distance and speed from the vehicles in front of you. Speeds will automatically adjust as traffic conditions change.
  • Lane Keep Assist and Sway Warning – Alerts are sent your way when your Subaru strays from the lane.
  • Pre-Collision Braking – Avoid or reduce potentially fatal collisions with vehicles. IIHS studies have even found that this feature cuts pedestrian insurance claims by up to 35%.
  • Pre-Collision Throttle Management – Automatically reduce power from the engine to minimize damage when imminent crashes are detected.

Peace of mind: That’s what you get with the Subaru safety system we’ve all come to love. And it’s standard on most new Subaru models, such as the 2019 Ascent, WRX, and Outback.

LED Steering Responsive Headlights

Take the winding road less traveled, even at night, thanks to Subaru’s spectacular bending headlights. LED lamps actively track the direction of your turn, then seemingly break the laws of physics to light the way. Automatic high-beam assist is a plus, too.

STARLINK In-Vehicle Tech

STARLINK In-Vehicle Tech

Everyday conveniences remain everyday conveniences even when you’re behind the wheel of a Subaru with STARLINK. Onboard technology brings your multimedia, streaming apps, smartphone functions, navigation, and improved safety into the car, no matter your destination. The available Wi-Fi hotspot is essential in this day and age, and with the addition of Automatic Collision Notification and Enhanced Roadside Assistance, STARLINK even assists you when you can’t do so yourself.

Reach out to Jim Burke Subaru in Birmingham, AL, if you’d like more information about STARLINK technology or any of the other features available in the latest 2019 Subaru vehicles. Better yet, take a trip to our car dealership at 1301 5th Ave N to test drive a new Subaru in Birmingham.


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