How To Get A Subaru Technology Degree (Yes, It Exists!)

How To Get A Subaru Technology Degree_Yes, It Exists

Some 2,500 miles away from our Birmingham Subaru dealership, students at Gresham, Oregon’s Mt. Hood Community College are embracing the country’s first-ever Subaru Automotive Technology program. It’s true—the two-year, associate of applied science (AS) coursework will provide prospective auto techs certified, hands-on training in all things Subaru. Better yet, students seeking this Subaru U-backed degree will be provided paid internships and full-time, post-graduation jobs at Subaru repair shops and dealerships.

Sound like a career path you’d be interested in strolling down? Getting started is easy: ship out your application to MHCC! But before applying for admission, get to know the unique technology that makes Subaru one of the finest auto brands in the world. Continue reading “How To Get A Subaru Technology Degree (Yes, It Exists!)”